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All Smiles Melbourne Waterfront is the ideal solution for those who are looking for a truly unique boutique wedding reception venue on the water.

All Smiles Docklands Location

We understand that not everyone wants 150 plus people at their wedding. We also understand the difficulty for couples with smaller groups to find a suitable venue that will accommodate them. At All Smiles we would love to assist with your smaller wedding and whilst we may not be able to provide you with a prime night at the prime times of year we have some amazing options for you to consider.

When planning a small wedding you are typically inviting only those that really matter to you. You can be sure that this select group of your closest friends and family will make arrangements to be at your wedding even if it is 7.00 am Wednesday morning, so don’t stress too much about when you plan your wedding to be. Fortunately we have much better options for you to consider than Wednesday morning and if you have an open mind and some flexibility we will definitely find something that works just fine.

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A combination of diversity, quality and volume are what again set up apart. From the “blokey bloke” to the “most discerning foody”, our menus are packages are designed to ensure everyone in the room will find numerous items to their liking. From simple grazing menus to full on meal menus we totally understand the need for an adequate volume of food for your specific occasion.

We guarantee, that there will be NO trips to Maccas on the way home and NO standing in the kitchen door to get fed. Our food will flow to all corners of the room in an effective and organised fashion ensuring every last guest is well and truly satisfied.



Our spectacular Melbourne Waterfront venue in the Docklands has upward of 120 seats, couches, lounges, ottomans and bar stools to ensure a comfortable environment for all your guests. Whilst we encourage your guests to mingle and enjoy each others company, we believe it is paramount they have the option to be comfortably seated for the duration of your cocktail wedding if they so desire.



Some say that our name, ‘All Smiles’ is silly they just don’t get it! We however, say that it is the total essence of what we stand for. We are extremely fortunate to have the best staff in the industry who share the same passion and values on personal service that we have since our inception in 1997. We are very proud of our amazing venues and fantastic food, but it is truly our people and the level of service they provide that sets us apart.

Want to know more about what our exquisite wedding packages include? Want to chat about personalised options for your special occasion, please don’t hesitate to give us a call.

Our amazing Melbourne Waterfront venue can be yours exclusively to enjoy on your special day. If you would like to know more about what we can offer please contact Michelle or Dean.

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